Journal of West African Languages

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Volume 1, Number 1 (1964)
A word-list of Eloyi Mackay, Hugh D
The syntax of emphasis in Kpelle Welmers, William E
Igbirra notes and word-list Ladefoged, Peter
Towards a phonology of Ngwe Dunstan, Elizabeth
Outlines of the phonology of the Gokana dialect of Ogoni Brosnahan, L. F.
Roy Clive Abraham, 1890-1963 Armstrong, R. G.
Volume 1, Number 2 (1964)
A wordlist of Aten (Ganawuri) Bouquiaux, Luc
Verb-nominal collocations in Yoruba: a problem of syntatic analysis Bamgbose, Ayo
A word list of Tera Newman, Paul
A preliminary tonal analysis of the Bassa language Hobley, June
Notes on Etulo and a few more words of Eloyi Armstrong, Robert G
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