Journal of West African Languages

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Volume 12, Number 1
Basic aspectual categories in proto-Kru Marchese, Lynell
The feature lingual and the Akan consonant system Mensah, E.N.A.
Class pronoun desuetude revisited Naden, Anthony J
Comments on Class pronoun desuetude revisited Wilson, W.A.A.
Ena: Code-talking in Yoruba Isola, Akinwumi
Language use among the Brong of Ghana Dolphyne, Florence
The interfix: An aspect of universal morphology Nolue Emenanjo, E
Contraction and tone polarization in Ogori Chumbow, Beban Sammy

Volume 12, Number 2
Issues in the analysis of serial verb constructions Bamgbose, Ayo
Tune and tone: Generalized zyntagmatic pitch patterns constrained by particular lexical patterns Pike, Kenneth L
Switch reference in Bantu languages Wiesemann, Ursula
From semivowels to aspiration to long consonants in Ngyemboon-Bamileke Anderson, Stephen C
Elision and other morpheme boundary phenomena in the Western dialects of Obolo Faraclas, N.
Form and function of adjectival elements in Tikar Stanley, Carol
Tense and aspect in Isekiri Omamor, Augusta P
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