Journal of West African Languages

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Volume 15, Number 1
Vowel coalescence across the word boundaries in Chumburung Snider, Keith L.
The tenth vowel in proto-Kwa Armstrong, Robert G
Vowel coalescence - a reply Faraclas, Nicholas
Vowel features in Gbe Capo, Hounkpatin C.
Two relativization strategies in Koonzime discourse Beavon, Keith H.
Interrogative sentences in Chadic: Reconstruction and functional explanation Frajzyngier, Zygmunt
Negation in Ibibio: A syntactic-phonological approach Essien, Okon E.
Un morphème de classe suplémentaire en fulfuldé Vallette, René
Volume 15, Number 2
Hypothèse sur la genèse de la nasalité Niger-Congo Bole-Richard, Rémy
The interrelation between aspect and mood in Dényá Abangma, Samson Negbo
A note on syllable and tone in Vagla verbs Crouch, Marj
Glide formation, elision, assimilation and contraction: A reassessment - Evidence from Isoko Donwa-Ifode, Shirley
A note on tone and stress in Cerman Hürlimann, Ruth and Eunice V. Pike
Animate and inanimate pronominal systems in Ngyemboon-Bamileke Anderson, Stephen C.
The inclusive/exclusive distinction in Ejagham Watters, John R.
Aspects of Igbo dialectology: A comparative phonological study of Onitsha and central Igbo dialects Ikekeonwu, Clara I.
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