Journal of West African Languages

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Volume 16, Number 1
Niger-Congo: SVO or SOV? Williamson, Kay
Vowel roundness in Gbe: A pandialectal approach Capo, Hounkpatin C.
Tense and aspect in Yala Oko, Okoji R.
Extensions du radical en Nomaante: La morphologie dérivationelle Taylor, Carrie
The marking of tense in Nomaante Wilkendorf, Patricia
A note on the grammatical homophones of -k- Isukul, Caroline
Nominal and verbal pluralisation in Podoko Jarvis, Elizabeth
Modal categories in Mofu-Gudur Hollingsworth, Kenneth R.
The Nupe a-construction revisited Madugu, Isaac S. George
Volume 16, Number 2
Adjectives and adjectivalisation in some languages of the Western Delta of Nigeria Omamor, Augusta P
A note on the Yoruba subordinator 'ti' Lawal, Nike S.
Some comments on nasalisation in Lele Simons, Pamela S. and D.A. Burquest
Pronouns, creolization, and decreolization in Nigerian Pidgin Faraclas, Nicholas
Les styles de discours en Sar et leur mode d'emploi Gakinabay, Mayange and Ursula Wiesemann
A problem of internal reconstruction: Is there a morpological change sa, si ->ya in Hausa? Voigt, Ranier M.
Pluralization Strategies in Edo Omoruyi, Thomas O.
Première note sur le Konni Naden, Anthony J
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