Journal of West African Languages

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Volume 17, Number 1
Introduction Générale (Language Planning) Tadadjeu, Maurice
When is language planning not planning? Bamgbose, Ayo
Noun classification in Lower Cross Connell, Bruce
Towards a language planning model for Africa Chumbow, Beban Sammy
Le facteur linguistique du projet social camerounaise Tadadjeu, Maurice
Proposition pour l'evaluation des niveaux de développement d'une langue écrite Sadembouo, Etienne and John R. Watters
Exploring urban mother tongue literacy Annett, Mary
Standardisation d'une langue Wiesemann, Ursula
Encoding locative in Chadic Frajzyngier, Zygmunt
Direct and indirect speech in Tikar Jackson, Ellen
Volume 17, Number 2
Towards a typology of coalescence Awobuluyi, Oladele
Les solem-koeese chez les Moose Kinda, Jules
A note on J. Kinda's article Naden, Anthony J
The particle of contrast maa in Waama Brückner, Kathrin
Lexical and postlexical rule application: Vowel deletion in Yoruba Akinlabi, Akinbiyi and Francis Oyebade
Basic mood in Ife Boëthius, Hélène
On negating the consecutive verb in Akan Dolphyne, Florence
Nasality in Ogberia Chumbow, Beban Sammy
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