Journal of West African Languages

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Volume 18, Number 1
Palatalisation in Akan Boadi, Lawrence A.
Wh-questions in Akan Saah, Kofi K.
Some word tone patterns in Nuni Kurrle, Gertrud
Vowel harmony in Lokee Runsewe, Oluremi I.
Okpe and Uvwie: A case of vowel harmony galore Omamor, Augusta P
On the middle voice in African languages (Fulfulde and Somali) Abu-Manga, Al-Amin and H. Jungraithmayr
The use of completive and incompletive aspect in Nawdm narrative discourse Gasser, Marcel
Discourse implicatures: An Ibgo example Okolo, Bertram A.
Speech, structure and aesthetics in a Gbaya tale Noss, Philip A.
Volume 18, Number 2
Note on verbal extensions in Jarawan Bantu Gerhardt, Ludwig
La focalisation en Fulfuldé Vallette, René
Dialectes et alphabétisation dans les écoles (Kanuri du Niger) Jarrett, Kevin A.
A double tiered analysis of Sicite tone Garber, Anne
De l'accompli terminatif à l'inaccompli injonctif en Soninke Haloui, Nazam
Negation in Nomaande Wilkendorf, Patricia
Pour une caracterisation syntaxico-sémantique de la notion de verbo-nominal dans la Jula de Côte-d'Ivoire Dramane, Kone
Personal pronouns in Anyi and related languages Burmeister, Jonathan
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