Journal of West African Languages

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Volume 19, Number 1
Phono-semantic correspondence in deictics in Emai Oisa-Francis, Egbokhare
Conversational strategies: Towards a phonological description of turntaking in Akan Obeng, Samuel G.
Reduplication and the status of ideophones in Yoruba Awoyale, Yiwola
Critères de distribution des affixes en Lama Oursa, Méterwa A.
How to distinguish statement and question in Beng Paesler, Wolfgang
Noun class and concord in Ivie Masagbor, Richard A.
Glide formation and vowel elision processes in Ivie (North Ibie) Masagbor, Grace A.
Volume 19, Number 2
The classification of Yoruba serial verb constructions Lawal, Adenike S.
The terminology of Babel - a suggestion Brann, Conrad M.B.
Reflexivization in Akan Saah, Kofi K.
The vowels of proto-Guang Snider, Keith L.
The class system of Igede nouns Abiodun, Michael A.
Dialectometrie lexicale des parlers Sawabantu Ebobissé, Carl
Desegmentalization and tone in Tubu: 'Definite' marking in the Daza dialect of Tasker Wolff, Ekkehard and S.H. Alidou
Some practical problems in Yoruba orthography Fagborun, J.G.
Les suffixes nominaux du Moore Nikiema, N.
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