Journal of West African Languages

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Volume 20, Number 1
The consonants of proto-Guang Snider, Keith L.
Reduplication and the origin of high tone on noun prefixes in Ejagham Watters, John R.
Features of vowel assimilation in Gade Sterk, Jan P.
Panorama de la morphologie du Fongbe Brousseau, A-M.
Establishing a Syntactic Category of P in Fon Lefebvre, Claire
The aspectual character of a verb and tense in Ibibio Essien, Okon E.
Gbódò 'must': Analysis of a Yoruba modal verb Adewole, Femi
Yoruba copular ni Yusuf, Ore
Towards a grammar of the Ivie folktale: Oyakhire Masagbor, Richard A.
Volume 20, Number 2
Transitional phonologies and their implication for orthographies: The case of Ora Donwa-Ifode, Shirley O.
Tone analysis and tone orthography Mfonyam, Joseph
Kasem tones and orthography Awedoba, A.K.
Response to 'Kasem tones and orthography' Hewer, P.L.
Standardisation et modernisation de la langue fe'efe'e Sadembouo, Etienne and Sammy Beban Chumbow
Anyi literacy program Burmeister, Jonathan
A model for the study of reported speech in African languages Wiesemann, Ursula
La phrase complexe en diola-fogny (Ouest-Atlantique): propositions relatives Hopkins, Bradley L.
On the internal structure of the word in Edo Omoruyi, Thomas O.
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