Journal of West African Languages

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Volume 23, Number 1
The second Tano consonant shift and its likeness to Grimm's Law Stewart, John M.
Vowel harmony, syllable structure and the causative extension in Lobala: A Government Phonology account Morgan, David
Le système tonal du basaa Kody, Zachée Denis Bitjaa
The plural in Lele Cope, Pam Simons
The -mi and-e morphemes in Joola-Foñy Gero, Marcia L. and Stephen H. Levinsohn
Postpositions and the valency marker in Krahn: Monosemy versus polysemy Bing, J. M. and J. Duitsman
An outline classification of the Mambiloid languages Blench, Roger

Volume 23, Number 2
The application of tonal rules in the Duala verb Mutaka, Ngessimo M.
The canonical verb root and Kikuyu reduplication Peng, Long
Semantic diversity in Ewe words Duthie, Alan S.
Prédication et marqueurs aspecto-temporels du pidgin English camerounais Mbakong Tsende, A.
An outline description of Biafada Wilson, W. A. A.
Making requests in Igbo Okolo, Bertram A.
Is there a Furu language group? An investigation on the Cameroon-Nigeria border Breton, Roland
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