Journal of West African Languages

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Volume 24, Number 1
The Lower Cross languages: A prolegomena to the classification of the Cross River languages Connell, Bruce
Passive incorporation and clause structure Biloa, Edmond
Discourse peak and poetic closure in the final stanza of a talking drum performance Neeley, Paul
Notes on tag answers in Dagbani Wilson, W. A. A.
Intelligibility and language boundaries among the Cangin peoples of Senegal Williams, Gordon
Liquid elision in word-final syllables in Esan Ejele, P.E.
The interaction of tonal features in Yabassi Mutaka, Ngessimo M.
Case assignment in Denya Abangma, Samson Negbo
Volume 24, Number 2
Construction de l'image dépréciative: les cas des expressions imagées en dagara Kuupole, Domwini Dabiré
A reclassification of the Igbo =rV suffixes Onukawa, M.C.
On the nature of Wh-questions in Echie Ndimele, Ozu-Mekuri
Nominal tone in Nawuri Casali, Roderic F.
The phonology of Joola Huluf Pike, Eunice V. and Bernard Diatta
Compilation de listes de mots Swadesh modifiées recueillies parmi les langues du groupe diola (sud du Sénégal) Carlton, Elizabeth Masland and Sharon R. Rand
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