Journal of West African Languages

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Volume 27, Number 1
Tonal 'upstep' in Engenni Snider, Keith L.
Feature geometry and the formation of labio-velars: A reply to Mutaka and Ebobissé Connell, Bruce
Consonants and tone in Kera (Chadic) Pearce, Mary
Structures of coordination in Ewe Dzameshie, Alex K.
A preliminary study of Yevegbe: Animist cult language in Eweland Akuetey, Caesar
On the question of standard Fante Abakah, Emmanuel N.
Volume 27, Number 2
Description et hypothèses sur la nature de l'UPT: L'exemple des langues gbe Gbéto, Flavien
L'utilisation du français et de l'adioukrou par les Aïzi Boone, Douglas, Silué Lamine and MaryAnne Augustin
La numération dans une langue gurma: Le cas du ncam Takassi, Issa
Languages in contact: The case of Edo and Portuguese Imasuen, Ekhato Otamere
Maintaining face in the Nso culture: A study in politeness strategies in letters between schoolgirls Mutaka, Ngessimo M. and Ngoran Loveline Lenaka
Group identity strengthening in the Nso culture: The uses of oral abuse by older women Mutaka, Ngessimo M. and Ngoran Loveline Lenaka
Surplus agenda, deficit culture: Language and the class-divide in Nigeria Arasanyin, Olaoba F.
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