Journal of West African Languages

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Volume 28, Number 1
Vowel harmony and neutral vowels in C’Lela Dettweiler, Stephen H.
Le locatif en ghomala' Domché-Téko, Engelbert
New directions in West African language studies Bamgbose, Ayo
Vowel harmony in Bijago Wilson, W. A. A.
Interaction of imbrication and reduplication in Kinande Mutaka, Ngessimo M.
Noun classes and phonology in Konni Cahill, Mike
Functional categories and verb movement in Ivie Emuekpere-Masagbor, Grace
The syntax and semantics of tense markers in Esan Ejele, P.E.
Contrastive focus in the Ganja dialect of Balanta Fudeman, Kirsten A.
Volume 28, Number 2
Analyse de la quantité vocalique en san Paré, Moïse
Vowel raising in Basaa verbal forms Mutaka, Ngessimo M. and Zachée Denis Bitjaa Kody
W.A.A. Wilson on Creissels' Mandinka grammar Wilson, W. A. A.
Hiatus resolution in Nupe Kawu, Ahmadu Ndanusa
Symmetric versus asymmetric vowel height harmony and e, o versus i, u in Proto-Bantu and Proto-Savanna Bantu Stewart, John M.
Coreferentiality and focus in textual cohesion: Evidence from Yoruba Bamgbose, Ayo
Durativity, punctuality, and the imperfective paradox: The case in Esan Ejele, P.E.
Agreement and the internal syntax of Bafut DPs Tamanji, Pius N.
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