Journal of West African Languages

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Volume 3, Number 1
Determination in Bambara Bird, Charles S
Remarques sur les infixes de dérivation dans le Fulfulde du Fouta-Djalon (Guinée) Sow, Alfa Ibrahim
Sissala noun groups Rowland, Ron
The verbid - a caveat to serial verbs Ansre, Gilbert
Tone on disyllabic nouns in Ngwe Dunstan, Elizabeth
Comparative sentences in Twi-Fante Boadi, Lawrence A
The structure of the verbal clause in Bimoba Jacobs, Gillian
A note on de la Fosse's Mina vocabulary of 1479-80 Hair, P. E. H.
Volume 3, Number 2
Lexical analysis in Temne, with an illustrative word list Dalby, David
A preliminary glottochronology of Gur languages Swadesh, Mauricio, Evangelina Arana, John Bendor-Samuel and W.A.A. Wilson
The status of /e/ in Onitsha Igbo Williamson, Kay
Two views of the phonology of the Ohuhu dialect of Igbo Dunstan, Elizabeth and G.E. Igwe
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