Journal of West African Languages

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Volume 5, Number 1
An interpretation of the Temne tone system Wilson, W. A. A.
Pour une typologie des séquences de propositions Houis, Maurice
Remarques sur quelques emprunts lexicaux en Moore Canu, Gaston
Relative clauses in Bambara Bird, Charles S
Yala (Ikom): a terraced-level language with three tones Armstrong, Robert G
An analysis of the consonant system of Ga Kropp, M.E.
 Volume 5, Number 2
Ideophones from a syntactic point of view Newman, Paul
Verb clusters in Izi Bendor-Samuel, John
A further note on the Mina vocabulary of 1479-80 Dalby, David and P.E.H. Hair
The Hamitosemitic present-habitative verb stem in Ron and Mubi Jungraithmayr, H.
Deep and surface structure in tone languages Williamson, Kay
Some aspects of Akan deep syntax Boadi, Lawrence A
L'alternance consonantique en Bedik Ferry, M.P.
La traduction des écritures en langue Mbum Hagège, Claude
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