Journal of West African Languages

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Volume 6, Number 1
Syntagmes de détermination en Dangaléat Fédry, Jacques
Vowel patterns in the Urhobo noun Kelly, John
Early Kanuri vocabularies (1670-1820) Hair, P. E. H.
The tones of the Yoruba and Igala disyllabic noun prefix Fresco, Edward M
The relative clause in Izi Meier, Paul E
The noun class system in Mbembe Barnwell, K
Volume 6, Number 2
A bibliography of the Vai language and script Stewart, Gail and P.E.H. Hair
The particle li in Yorubá Awobuluyi, Oladele
New proposals for the description of tone sequences in the Igbo completive phrase Voorhoeve, Jan, A.E. Meeussen and K.F. de Blois
Structural Notes on Urhobo Welmers, William E
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