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Category: Volume 25, Number 2
  • Language Family: Creoles and Pidgins
  • Topic #1: Comparative Studies
  • Topic #2: Syntax
Downloads: 7

Les copules en six langues ouest-africaines

Author Wilson, Andre
Date 2014-Sep-9
Language  French
File Size 2.52 MB
Download 973
  • Language Family: Kwa
  • Topic #1: Dialectology
  • Topic #2: Particles

Are le and li dialectal variants in the Ewe language?

Author Akuetey, Caesar
Date 2014-Sep-9
Language  English
File Size 1.28 MB
Download 1,125
  • Language Family: Atlantic
  • Topic #1: Noun Classes
  • Topic #2: Semantics

The semantic basis of noun class systems: The case of the ki and nge classes in Fulfulde

Author Breedveld, J.O.
Date 2014-Sep-9
Language  English
File Size 2.17 MB
Download 1,637
  • Language Family: Grassfields
  • Topic #1: Nasals
  • Topic #2: Morphophonemics

Optional, conditional, and obligatory prenasalization in Bafanji

Author Silverman, Daniel
Date 2014-Sep-9
Language  English
File Size 763.07 KB
Download 646
  • Language Family: Bantu
  • Topic #1: Vowels
  • Topic #2: Phonology

Vowel harmony in Kinande

Author Mutaka, N. M.
Date 2014-Sep-9
Language  English
File Size 5.57 MB
Download 1,188
  • Language Family: Other Benue-Congo
  • Topic #1: Discourse
  • Topic #2: Particles

Two Ife particles and their discourse function

Author Klaver, Marquita
Date 2014-Sep-9
Language  English
File Size 1.01 MB
Download 813
  • Language Family: Other Bantoid
  • Topic #1: Classification
  • Topic #2: Comparative Studies

Identification lexicostatistique des groupes bantoides stables

Author Piron, Pascale
Date 2014-Sep-9
Language  French
File Size 6.89 MB
Download 2,762
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