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Noon Vowel Harm Noon Vowel Harmony

Noon vowel harmony shows the remarkable property of invariance in the affixes while exposing ATR variation in roots only. This study shows that the ATR harmony is no longer active and that the variation in stems due to dominant suffixes is best analysed as lexical stem variants for different derivational suffixes. This is shown to be the relict of an erstwhile fuller vowel harmony system.

Created 2020-Dec-12
Changed 2020-Dec-15
Size 283.93 KB
Author This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
MD5 Checksum ce52fa159ac140e2fbe57a4c415e3f6f
Created by Hasiyatu Abubakari
Changed by Hasiyatu Abubakari
Downloads 374
SHA1 Checksum c2001208732cc33a162685dd2a38d993cb176050
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